Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cable hit new high @ 1.61810

As usual from FED Chairman's statement and Q&A session, 'more easing' is the option on table. After these powerful words, market went crazy and short USD$ against most major, and stock market went higher. As the session is over, we draw to a conclusion.

  1. 'More easing is an option on table' is the virus that keep market going higher
  2. This virus affect only USD$ from progressing
  3. This illusion is the real motivation for the risk to keep going up
  4. People are willing to risk their money on the part that the base currency country is technically in RECCESSION
  5. These all means that data are no longer important when the real virus is "EASING"
So, where do i stand from here after his wonderful speech, i guess i still stand by academic. If a country is in technical recession, i believe those people for make monetary policies will not dare to do more "robust' action like hiking rates soon. Hence, no reason to be happy either if trading the cables.

Your thoughts? I guess time to rethink your bias.



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