Thursday, 8 September 2011

Stimulus coming along the way...

We are coming to a point that this month will be packed with excitement of upcoming stimulus packages and formula introduced to spur up the overall economy. The first of its kind is the $447 billion job packages introduced by US President Mr Obama to spur up it's employment situation in the biggest economy. This package will start the engine rolling for players to start exiting safe haven assets, and spur up the sentiment for a bigger risk appetite. Of course, this is not the most anticipated package which we are looking for. QE3, or stimulus 3, which ever we call it, is the total program needed to entice players to get back into business. Today's G7 meeting may crave out some clues on the overall view from the G7 community. Hence, this September maybe a different September altogether.

But of course, do not get too excited if there are really many stimulus rolling out, it may prove to be another way to stall the explosion to be happening so soon.


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